Lachie was super excited when he came home! Thank you - he can’t wait until next week. Steph

My daughter attended drama classes with Trevor at KATZ both online and in person and it was a wonderful experience for her confidence. Naturally reserved and self conscious, the joy she showed in her end of year performance, in front of an audience of strangers, was amazing. Trevor gently coached her, giving her the skills and confidence she needed without pushing her beyond her limits. I highly recommend giving the classes a go, whether your child is a natural performer in need of guidance, or a ‘shy’ kid needing some confidence :) Brooke

Laura will be back with bells on when the term starts, She can't wait. Bel

My 11 year old has been going to Katz for 3 years. It has been wonderful for her confidence and great preparation for school oral presentations. .......and she enjoys it, which is really the most important thing!!! Leesa

My 2 sons have gained so much confidence since commencing with Kids Acting and Theatre Zone. My eldest son would not walk into a shop by himself to talk to the person behind the counter, now he will do shopping trips if I need him to go to the shops. Thanks you KATZ and Trevor. Helen G